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Posted on 08/22/2018 in Main

LIfe Insurance, its not a way to get rich.

LIfe Insurance, its not a way to get rich.

I’ve been speaking to many people over the past few weeks, looking for feedback  for my site from a user’s point of view

I noticed an interesting trend, it seems that while most people accept the need for car and home insurance to protect themselves from unforeseen loss, many consider life insurance as a way to gain extra wealth from a death.

I’ll be honest, I kept my mouth shut, as it’s not my place to educate them on insurance. After all I’m not licensed to see it, nor did I want to create any conflict. It made me ponder these two different views.

Was it due to lack of proper education from their insurance agent? Or maybe it’s just simply a way to justify mandatory insurance products (i.e. auto insurance is required by law, and home insurance by the mortgage lenders).

Life Insurance, like all insurance is meant to be a way to financially protect your family from losses associated with a death, like loss of income and other indirect costs like babysitting. The responsibility to educate the client falls mostly on their insurance agent or financial advisor.

This is one of the main reasons I created, a site that allows people who are looking for an awesome insurance agent to not only find one locally, but also find one that speaks their language. You can also let others in your community know about your experience with your current agent. Good or bad, share your experience and help grow.