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Posted on 10/09/2018 in Main

Financial Advisors RoadMap from nobody to Industry Expert

Financial Advisors RoadMap from nobody to Industry Expert

Having spoken to a few advisors lately, I started to wonder if I am having a groundhog day moment. They all sound the same, talk about the same topics and mostly stick to the same old method of Buy Term life insurance and invest the difference. 

You can’t really blame them for this, its a good method, after all insurance is supposed to be a tool to protect you from devastating risk. This risk typically disappears as you approach your mid 50s and your kids start post secondary education, and move out.  

As I sat down for yet another interview, I decided to ask the financial advisor why is he any different from the rest sadly, he had no answer. 

While I am not all knowing, I decided to offer some guidance to this financial planner. Something that was not taught to him while he was getting his license to sell mutual funds and insurance. How to become an expert in the industry, focusing on a niche of his choosing. A way to make this Investment Advisor stand out from the crowd.    

We created a road map towards getting to his goal. Some of it had to do with licensing, the advisor wanted to be a CFP ( Certified Financial Planner) but others had to do with creating a brand around him. This required in the advisor selecting a niche topic which he enjoyed talking about and would be interested in creating content to educate others. 

After all people would naturally feel more comfortable buying financial products from someone who they deem an industry expert. 

Full disclosure, Content Marketing is not an investment which will yield returns overnight. You will initially spend lots of time writing content that almost nobody will read. However with time, the readership will pick up, and those past articles that initially were read by nobody will be talked about and shared. The key is to stay consistent and to offer value to the reader, all of which builds trust. 

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