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About US

Why we started Kakeibo

Our Founder and CEO of, discovered the challenges of finding reputable real estate and financial services agents while investing in real estate. Agents all claimed to be the best, and the reviews they provided were cherry picked, so you never got the full story. While networking with other real estate purchasers and investors, the same concerns kept coming up. With this info in hand he decided to work on a solution.

At some point in our life most of us will need to hire at least one of these agents, and while word-of-mouth referrals from friends and neighbors are very helpful, they take so much time to sort through.

Now there is an online source of reviews written by real customers who have used these agents in the past. was launched to create an online community of ordinary people like you and me who want to share their experiences to help others find local agents who offer quality services and can even speak your language.

It also allows those same agents to be able to share their “resume” of past clients using an unfiltered and unbiased forum.